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Thoma Kikis Thoma Kikis

Thoma Kikis brings to Ovie his innovative thinking, entreprenuerial background and experience in corporate branding, design, story development, marketing and Digital technology as well as constantly developing strong relationships with established & young rising talent. He is also very involved in the New York and Los Angeles art and culture scenes. Mr. Kikis conceived the Ovie brand name, designed the corporate logo and continues to develop Ovie branding, story and business strategies.

Previously he's worked with such companies as Viacom, MTV, VH1, SonicNet, Icon Medialab, Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Columbia University, ERT, Hellenic Broadcasting and co-founded Siliconfish and

Some highlights include Viacom's, MTV Networks, where he worked on the redesign of the website, on the online branding campaigns for VMA's, "webRIOT","My VH1 Music Awards" and FlashRadio. Mr. Kikis was also instrumental in developing Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield's "Butterfly" branding concept, campaign and online presence with Icon Medialab as well as founding, a DRM (Digital Rights Management) portal for legal licensing of music online.

Mr. Kikis holds a degree in Communications Management from NYU and is currently writing his first feature screenplay.